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Tree Pruning and Trimming Service

Tree pruning is necessary for two very important reasons, maintenance and safety. Having an ISA certified arborist perform regular tree pruning services for your residential or commercial property will help your trees remain healthy and vibrant, while keeping your property safe and hazard free.

Damaged trees, trees with poor form can be revitalized by expert tree trimming services, and young trees will benefit greatly from the structure that early pruning provides. Cascade Tree Works offers comprehensive residential and commercial tree trimming services for the Greater Vancouver, WA areas.

There are many different types of pruning applications. The type of pruning your trees will most benefit from will be determined after a careful and thoughtful assessment of your property and needs. Our tree trimming services are of the highest quality and our ISA certified arborist is an expert at combining pruning techniques to give you the best service possible

Types of Pruning We Offer

Cascade Tree Works specializes in the following tree pruning and tree trimming services:

  • Crown Raising: The removal of lower branches of the tree. This is usually done to provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and buildings. Crown raising may also allow more sunlight for the struggling lawn or garden.
  • Crown Clearing: The removal of unhealthy, dead or conflicting branches which may pose a hazard or lead to decay throughout the tree.
  • Crown Reduction: Slightly decreases the trees height and or width. This should only be applied to certain species and only under certain circumstances to maintain the health of the tree.
  • Crown Thinning: Selective removal of branches, to reduce the density of the tree. This reduces both wind resistance and the weight of heavy limbs.
  • Restoration: Pruning to improve the structure and appearance of trees that may have been topped, improperly pruned, neglected or damaged by the weather.
  • Training Young Trees: Young trees are pruned to promote strong structure. Weak or unwanted growth patterns are removed to develop a strong and esthetically pleasing form. When young trees are trained properly they will require less maintenance / cost in their maturity.
  • Fruit Tree Pruning: Properly pruning fruit trees encourages maximum fruit production. Fruit trees are often pruned to a desired height and shape for accessibility.
  • Espalier: Training a tree along a wall or a fence. It is used as a space saving technique. This is usually done with fruit trees.
  • Vista Pruning: Selective thinning to provide a better view from a specific point.
  • Hazard Pruning: The removal of broken or dead branches greater than 2 inches in diameter. This is a service we offer when there is not room in the budget for tree care to spite a hazard in your trees.

Trusted Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning Service

When you need tree trimming and tree pruning services you can count on in Vancouver, WA or Surrounding Areas, call Cascade Tree Works. We will inspect your property and identify any potential hazards before they cause havoc for your property.

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Greg Richardson

Greg Richardson
Lic. #: CASCATW889CP
UBI #: 603-180-550
ISA Certified Arborist
CERT #: PN-76-70A
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

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