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Tree Removal Services in Portland OR Gresham Beaverton Vancouver WA Camas Battle Ground by Cascade Tree WorksTree removal should always be Handled by professionals to ensure safe and competent removal. At first glance, removal may appear to be a do-it-yourself project however, it is a complicated task best left to trained arborists. Choosing a reputable tree contractor for tree removal services in Greater Vancouver, WA is extremely important for safe and efficient removal. Cascade Tree Works offers all tree services at a competitive rate.

When you choose Cascade Tree Works for your tree services, you will get an experienced arborist with years of experience conducting tree removal of all types, no matter the size or location. We also offer firewood cutting services and removal of any limbs and leftover debris.

Cascade Tree Works recommends that all homeowners check with the Department of Labor and Industries before hiring any tree removal company to ensure the company is licensed, bonded, and insured, and carries sufficient workers compensation to protect the homeowner and their property.

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Our Reputable Tree Removal Services

  • Low-Impact Removal:This removal option consists of lowering the tree to the ground in sections, followed by carefully removing its pieces to reduce drag damage to lawn or bedding flowers. In some situations, a crane may be needed to perform this type of removal. This is a highly sought after tree service.
  • Standard Removal:With this removal service option, disposal of limbs and cutting of firewood to 16’’ lengths are included. We will also remove the firewood for an additional cost. There may be some impact to an adjacent landscape. This impact will be clearly communicated to you during your initial consultation.
  • Down-Only Removal: This service includes safely taking the tree down with no cleanup services. This option is the least expensive and the perfect fit for the budget-conscious property owner.
  • Stump Removal: Check out our stump grinding page for more information on this service.

High Risk Tree Removal

For trees located near power lines, or near homes, and buildings pose additional safety risks and should never be removed without the help of an ISA certified arborist. Cascade Tree Works specializes in high-risk removal services for Vancouver, WA and Surrounding Areas.
In some areas, some trees over 12 inches in diameter, located in designated areas, may require a permit before removal can commence. Cascade Tree Works can assist you in the permit process, but ultimately the permitting is the homeowner’s responsibility.
Call Cascade Tree Works now to schedule tree removal services for Vancouver, WA and Surrounding Areas. We are happy to answer your questions and provide expert advice and direction via phone if needed.

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Greg Richardson

Greg Richardson
Lic. #: CASCATW889CP
UBI #: 603-180-550
ISA Certified Arborist
CERT #: PN-76-70A
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Tree Removal in Vancouver WA and Surrounding Areas

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